Nigerian Artist Wavy TheCreator Drops New Track “Shaku”

Music and Other Drugs would like you to meet Nigerian artist, Wavy TheCreator, an undefinable multi-faceted artist with a vision quite unlike anyone else. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, but partially raised in the States, Wavy’s first major opportunity in the creative world came when she was shooting performance photos of an artist friend. A chance meeting with that night’s headliner – Nigerian hip-hop superstar Olamide – resulted in an invitation to return to Lagos to collaborate on his future visual projects.She soon became an in-demand creative, photographing the nation’s leading artists, launching a fashion collection, and directing a short film.

While Wavy had worked on music before, being surrounded by such life-affirming sounds sparked a new found love of music. As her social media following exploded, she dropped her euphoric breakthrough track ‘H.I.G.H.’ (Her In Greater Heights) which amplified the attention bestowed upon her.Now Wavy is set to go global as she drops the new track “Shaku”.

‘Shaku’ is the perfect introduction for Wavy to reach a wider international audience.

“It was inspired by the latest dance style in Africa, shaku,” explains Wavy. “I like to be different so I added my spin to it and it was perfect. Most of the songs I have recorded are off the vibes. This was recorded in my producer friend’s bedroom when we were chilling. He was making a track and all I was singing in my head was ‘shaku, shakushaku ouu’ and bam! We had a song in under fifteen minutes.”

Check out her new track and visual above.