Vicktor Taiwò Reveals “Shovel Moonlight”

London-based, Nigerian born artist Vicktor Taiwò has revealed “Shovel Moonlight”, the first preview of an exploratory audio/ visual project titled First Movement. The project is accompanied by a short film fully from the blood, sweat and tears of  Vicktor Taiwò  at the creative helm, marrying his intricate sounds with enthralling visuals. “Shovel Moonlight” showcases Taiwò’s rich vocals over a sensational production to create a compelling new offering. Speaking on the track,  Taiwò states:

“I’m writing this song, and in my head I have a person I’m talking to, a person really close to me I feel needs to hear this.

And I keep on writing it, and I finish it. And it sorta strikes me, the person that needed to hear this was maybe myself.

And fam, I cried. For a long time and in a room full of people, I just sat there and ugly cried.”

In a world where art is compromised and commodified, shrunk down and boxed in, Vicktor Taiwò wants us to open up. Taiwò is on a mission to collect something from himself, and it’s a journey worth following.After some trials and tribulations it was on  January 1, 2012 precisely – as he does with most things – that he would make music his medium.Even at such an early stage in his development, Taiwò was finding angles that most songwriters would neglect.

“At this point, all I really think there is for humans to do is to explore detail,” he says. “To see how infinite an infinitely expanding universe really is, and how small the smallest particle really is.”

Look out for First Movement visual set for reveal of April 6th. Watch exclusively on Apple Music from the 6th- 13th. Listen to his new song below.