tobi lou Steps in to the Ring for Newest Visual “Billy”

Nigerian-born, Chicago-raised rapper, tobi lou cannot be stopped. Last week, he dropped his newest project, tobi lou and the Juice. From first listen, we fell in love with tobi lou’s latest project. Our favorite tracks from the project are “Sadderday,” and “Billy.” Yesterday, tobi lou drops an impressive visual for “Billy,” where he steps in to a boxing ring with a woman, to show his love for women and their strength. tobi says:

“All the women in my life, whether it be my mom, my sisters, my aunties, my cousins, Taz, or my girl are also the strongest people I know. Me showing the girl winning the fight is me painting an accurate depiction of how I view women—very strong and capable of any and everything in this world. And that’s why I say in the song “i think she really the G.O.A.T.”

The visual, directed by Glassface, is beautifully shot, and the visual effects takes “Billy” to the next level. The video has already garnered 10,000+ views in one day. Check out the visual for “Billy” above.