Rising Indie Queer Artist Sonic Shares Sexy New Single “Airplane Mode”

Hailing all the way from the Bay Area, Music and Other Drugs would like to introduce you to Sonic. Sonic is an independent queer artist who now resides in Brooklyn, NY, creating new music for the world to hear.One of the things that makes Sonic unique is her ability to create music and sounds while being deaf in one ear.  The name “Sonic” represents her distinctive ability to break barriers and transcend the limitations of her abilities through the gift and expression of song.

She has shared with us today her brand new single “Airplane Mode”. The track serves as the first single off her second project, a self-tilted EP to be released this fall. Airplane Mode is nothing short of a sexy sweet single that bares Sonic’s soul from start to finish. The song urges listeners to not let their phones distract them as Sonic’s vocals takes them to another place. The track serves as Sonic’s first release since 2017 and we know that 2018 is only going to bring more amazing tracks from the talented songstress.

We had the pleasure of witnessing the greatness of Sonic this year at her team’s intimate concert series Sisters Unsigned. This fall she will continue her set with the addition of Airplane Mode and new tracks from her forthcoming project. Stay tuned right here at MAOD for more on Sonic. Listen to her new track below.