Serious Klein Releases Stunning “Voodoo Money” Visual

Teaming up with creative agency HUSH & HYPE, Germany-based rapper Serious Klein releases the captivating video to accompany his hard-hitting single “Voodoo Money”.

Signifying sin and forgiveness through cleverly crafted symbolism, the spell-bounding cinematography takes a direct path through the portrayal of mannerisms surrounding money, women and power. The intricate video is full of complex imagery that brings the message to life, with Klein stating that it is “something you have to watch twice to understand, starting with the intro followed by the parts that portray me in a very different way; reckless and cruel at the same time”.

The track was produced by Rascal who also has produced for the likes of Chance The Rapper. It gives the perspective of money as a spell of voodoo. The visual takes the song to a whole new level and gives the song life. Serious describes his music as “art rap” which blends hip-hop, jazz and soul music. He is creating a lane for himself and making sure he is the only one on it. Check out his new video above.