RKCB Share Soulful New Single “Alone With You Pt. 2” (Visual)

If you have ever wondered what music sounds like when r&b and dream pop collide, LA’s own soulful dream pop duo RKCB (Riley Knapp & Casey Barth) give the perfect fusion of the two genres. In 2017, the duo released the track “Alone, With You,” which covered the arc of a relationship throughout three songs. Now, RKCB is back with “Alone With You. Pt 2.,” which revisits that relationship with a brand new perspective. Sonically, RKCB are bringing a new approach to their sound. The Mike O’Brien visual takes the song to new heights. In both “Alone, With You,” and “Alone With You Pt. 2,” the visuals capture the meaning of the songs, perfectly, and bring each song to life. Check out the new song and visual “Alone With You Pt. 2” and be on the lookout for more RKCB music, coming soon.