Fall in Love With RIMON’s “Sugarcoated Love” Visual

Being in love is something we all want at some point in life. Rimon makes us want even more with her brand new track and video for “Sugarcoated Love”.

Amsterdam’s rising R&B act RIMON shares what she calls  “Isolated in perfection” of the embodiment of this feeling, explicitly illustrated in the music video for “Sugarcoated Love”. The visual openly translates her sentiments of secluded intimacy with only two people shown throughout—no one else.

“[It’s] a song about showing affection, the passion and the little fear that comes along with loving someone. Being fully in love, but at same time knowing that it might be a little too much. So sweet that it might hurt your teeth,” referencing a line from the song.

Check out the beautiful new visual above and fall in love just like we did.