Rap Crew Ragers Are Not To Messed With On “FOOLS”

Music and Other Drugs would like to introduce you to Ragers. The rap group is made up of musicians, beat-makers, and some guest singers and MCs. The group were formed in 2013 and have become key parts of the Montreal underground, a group stamping out their own identity. They have shared with us their new single “FOOLS” and its a blend of genres that we are sure you will enjoy.

The group spoke about the track stating:

“Our new single, “Fools,” is all dressed up in the garments of the digital age – serving as a snapshot of pop music’s current landscape. Narcissism, sex addiction, and superficial interaction is on full display through the lens of modern technology and in our “Fools” single taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Raw Footage’. We live at the cross-section of wild pop culture where electronics, hip hop and art without boundaries define us.

Check out their new track below.