Meet Prince Airick ♕ and His Debut Visual for “Go Awf!”

Music and Other Drugs would like to introduce you to Prince Airick. Prince is a rapper from Brooklyn, NY. Prince Airick has shared with us his debut visual, for his single “Go Awf!.” The track features the legendary Ballroom commentator Princess “Precious” Ebony and Shauna Brooks. The single is an international online web dance challenge that went viral with more than 4 million+ views across social media called the #GoAwfChallenge. The videos are still being recorded and people are still responding to the challenge including places like The Great Wall Of China and Tai Pei. This culture and sound of music is expanding and only getting bigger and the support is showing itself more and more each day. You can also catch Princess “Precious” Ebony on the VICELAND show My House on Wednesdays. Check out Prince’s debut visual above.