Prep Releases New Single “Snake Oil” featuring Reva Devito

London’s own, Prep is back with their newest EP Cold Fire. We have fans of Prep since their debut single, Cheapest Flight, which was released in August of 2015. To go along with the release of their new project, Prep has released a visual for the track “Snake Oil” featuring Reva Devito. Prep’s sound is seamless, and each member complements the other in a unique way. The visual for “Snake Oil” was created by a Korean production team, directed by Jiwoon Kwon. Kwon talks about the vision of “Snake Oil” stating, “we wanted to illustrate the idea of a person being bothered by memories that the happiness of the past and the pain of the present co-exist. The “Snake Oil” that is expressed here as water forces our character to retreat into his inner-side, becoming trapped within a Möbius strip. It’s hard to escape from these memories but the choice is either being trapped by it or escaping from that.” Prep’s music always puts us in to a state of euphoria as they layer lush vocals, synths, and instrumentation into one big sound. Check out the visual for “Snake Oil” featuring Reva Devito.”