New Jersey’s Nilae Ekoe Gives Us What We Need For R&B

Freshly baked new artist, Nilae Ekoe is something special. She has shared with us her new single “Colors” and it instantly made us want to hear more. By our surprise she also has another track called “No Good”. Between both tracks we are feeling some kind of way and we are excited for the future of Nilae and her music.

Nilae Ekoe was raised in Freehold, New Jersey. Her love of music started around the age of 8 where she got the chance to touch the mic because of her uncles that had a studio at their house. She then continued to carry on with her music once she saw that it made an impact in her life, around 13 years old is where she began to notice signs of depression creeping into her life and thats where the music came into play even more. She started to get MORE serious with her writing skills and wrote her feelings and thoughts down on a paper and then released everything through a mic and it made her seem normal for once, she realized music was her getaway to many of her problems.

We are thankful Nilae chose to do music and we are excited to see her growth. Listen to her new track “Colors” below and make sure to check out here her other track “No Good”.