N’Dambi & All Cows Eat Grass Come Together For “Air Castle” EP

Good friends, All Cows Eat Grass have come together with R&B songstress N’Dambi for their collaborative EP Air Castle. Imagine if you will, a time capsule aboard a deep spacecraft headed to eternity. The past informed by the present, and the present informed by the past. It’s an accurate description for the gravity defying EP, a sonic journey through space and time. Brown, former MD for Janelle Monáe, joined forces with the always musically adventurous N’Dambi for the cosmic soul outing which pairs the organic warmth of N’Dambi’s honeyed vocals and sophisticated songwriting with electronic synthesizer layers, 80’s sonic cues and retro-future compositions that in the end defy easy categorization.

“This project is an experience….a trip. Depending on where you come from determines how you hear it” declares N’Dambi. T. Brown characterizes it as an “Innocent exploration through different styles and concepts aiming to please and intrigue,” ultimately taking you back to your future.



We don’t want to get off this ride with either of them and it instantly brings us back to The Parliament and George Clinton as we travel back on the mother ship.

Listen to their incredible EP below.