Naaz Makes Keeps Us “Loving Love” In New Video

19 year-old Kurdish/Dutch songwriter & producer Naaz wants to make love cool again on her latest song.  Embracing love is something the Rotterdam-based artist seeks out and shows the inspirational quality that passion can have. New track ‘Loving Love’ is an immaculate, gender-challenging call for diversity, a caramel-soft ode to the powers of love. Naaz had this to say about the track:

“It really bothers me how some people can’t run with the butterflies they have just because they’re told they can’t” she says. “In many ways I have felt what it’s like to not be accepted for who you are or aspire to become, and I don’t wish that birth of self doubt upon anyone.” “‘Loving Love’ is an oath to love in all it’s beautiful and twisted ways. There should be no rules or limits to love; express whatever you feel and don’t care for the ‘credibility’ of your love for things or people. If it’s real it’s real and nothing could undo that. There should be no time for ego, hate and bullshit when you’re ‘too busy loving love’… Let’s just make love cool again, OK?”

Naaz is cool and love is even more cool when she sings about it.With new EP Bits Of Naaz coming soon, we are sure to be on an amazing ride. Check out her latest above.