Artist to Watch: MorMor

Every now and then you find an artist that truly blows you away and gives you something you have not heard before. Music and Other Drugs has stumbled upon that with one of our new favorite artist,  MorMor. The singer was born and raised in Toronto and he writes, records, and produces his own work. From being influenced by Nirvana, Wu-Tang, Feist and The Beatles, it comes as no surprise why he has such a great ear for music that he makes. Mor Mor has gifted us with his breath-taking debut single “Heaven’s Only Wishful.” It’s raw, it’s well-produced, and it’s honest. The visual takes it a step further and provides us with a inside view into MorMor, and we get to see who he is as an artist. We are watching and want to continue watching. Check out his beautiful visual above.