Mercy Cartel Wants You To Feel Her Vibe On New Single

Mercy Cartel is bringing the soul, jazz, r&b and funk to the music scene. The 21-year old Bristol  singer-songwriter is all about good vibes on her brand new single “Feel My Vibe”. The track serves as a preview of what is to come from her Vibes Cartel EP set to be released this month. The EP is set to combine afrobeat, trap, hip-hop, R&B and neo-soul. On her new single, she discusses substance abuse, youth culture and mental health. Mercy says

“Music gave me a way to speak about important social issues from my own point of view and control my own narrative.”

The Vibes Cartel EP snapshots the singer’s life after her hospitalization and departure from her University after experiencing a hate crime. Listen to her new single below.