Matt Woods Takes Us to the Arcade In “Rearview” Visual

“The track is built around this idea that as you put more and more distance between you and somebody else they appear smaller and smaller, but no matter how far you drive away from them, they never fully disappear”          – Matt Woods

Matt Woods has shared with us his incredible new track “Rearview” today and it’s one you don’t want to miss. The song was inspired by a time when Matt decided to document a saga of chance meetings across the globe (Cuba, Germany, Spain & at home in the UK) with a love interest that led to a whirlwind relationship, doomed from the beginning from their impending distance they would put between each other from traveling.

The visuals behind the “Rearview” video take inspiration from Woods’ childhood growing up in Newquay when, at that time, his dad owned most of the arcades in Cornwall. Woods would spend hours playing video games at the arcades while his dad was fixing the machines. As Woods’ was writing ‘Rearview’, the production reminded him of the sounds of the arcades he used to hear in his childhood and the idea of creating an homage to those pixelated 8-bit video games was born (with the video’s Havana scenes and the car Chevrolet Bel Air 57 are a nod back to his time in Cuba).

This song is also the first to be lifted from Woods’ forthcoming EP, the tentatively titled “Fauxstalgia”. Woods’ wrote the EP to help himself come to terms with the fact that he might never be with a particular someone he loves, which is intended as a love-letter to the idea that sometimes, some things just aren’t meant to be but that It’s totally okay not to ever move on completely.

Watch the nostalgic visual above.