Introducing Hip-Hop Collective Lo Village

Gathersberg, MD trio LoVillage is a group that needs to stay on your 2018 radar. The trio have shared their visual for Cliches/Keep Up. The visual features two new tracks from the trio,” Keep Up” and “Cliche, the striking video perfectly contrasts the differing vibes of both tracks. Comprising of Kane Tabiri, R&B vocalist Ama and close friend Charles Tyler, LoVillage blend together classic hip hop with forward thinking soul to create a sound that manages to feel in equal parts current and nostalgic. Speaking on the release, Kane Tabiri states

“The group was going through a lot and these were a couple of the tracks that were created during that time. We really wanted to use vibrant colors and classic themes to get our point across in this video and I think that was conveyed clearly” .

Lo Village are no strangers to the music scene, stepping out back in 2016 with their debut project Last Summer. Now in 2018 we can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us. Check out their video above.