Lova Releases Debut EP “Scripted Reality” And Visual For “Insecurities”

19-year-old Swedish singer, songwriter and producer LOVA, aka Lova Alvilde, who is already making waves in her homeland and is set to cause a stir in the States, with the release of her debut EP Scripted Reality. The EP will includes her catchy single “Insecurities”, which she has shared a visual for.  LOVA also announces that she’ll be performing at the Queens of Pop festival in Sweden on August 3rd alongside fellow Swedes Icona Pop and Zara Larsson. Speaking about her debut EP Lova stated:

This EP is a collection of my thoughts and feelings on today’s society where we live under constant pressure to look and behave in a certain way. Scripted Reality is my honesty, it’s my truth”

Unafraid to sing about important issues, but with a lightness of touch that never comes across as preachy, Lova is speaking her truth and some truth that many of us feel the same about. Her visual is beautiful and truly what the world needs more of. Listen to her debut EP below.