KLLO Share New Single “Potential”

One of our favorite groups, KLLO is back with new music for the first time since Backwater, their 2017 debut album. We’ve played Backwater front and back non-stop since its been released. Now, KLLO has returned with something fresh and new. “Potential” is the sound of KLLO in the present. Just as Backwater signaled an artistic coming-of-age for the Melbourne duo, “Potential” confidently expresses where they’ve been since and hints at where they may head next.

“We said all we needed to say in the last album,” adds Chloe Kaul. “It’s important that we capture these moments in time instead of staying in the past and living up to expectations.” She and Simon Lam came upon the chords at a green room piano before a show in Amsterdam. The downtempo track depicts the emotions of seeing a future with someone who never comes to be.

“Potential” comes ahead of a European tour in October later this year. KLLO will also make a stop here in New York City in Brooklyn at Elsewhere (Zone One) on June 3rd. Purchase tickets here.

Check out their new video.