INJURY RESERVE Release Introspective New Single ‘North Pole’

INJURY RESERVE is comprised of rappers Stepa J. Groggs, Ritchie With a T and producer Parker Corey, the most unlikeliest group of guys formed to create a hard hitting blend of music that’s pushing the evolution of rap. They have released their new single ‘North Pole’ and we are going nuts over it. The visual to accompany it is even more enlightening and refreshing.

Speaking to Pigeons & Planes, the band discuss that “North Pole” is an ode to the group’s new home base in Los Angeles, CA.

“[It’s] the name we gave to our new house after moving to Los Angeles. It came from the location being so far north and on a weirdly Christmas themed street. But as we were working on this song, it seemed to take on an interesting juxtaposition between the “good tidings” that come to mind when you think of “the north pole” and the cold isolation of it as real, physical location in the middle of the Arctic…” says Parker.

The track is the first single off their upcoming EP, Drive It Like It’s Stolen, due out September 29th. We are looking forward to hearing more of them. Check out their new visual above.