Go on the Ride of Your Life with Houg’s New Single “Slice Of A Pie (Visual)

Melbourne indie artist, Houg is going to take your mind on a trip in his newest visual for single “Slice of a Pie.” Last year, Houg stepped on to the scene with his debut release “The Seas I See.” Houg’s chillwave style is intoxicating, and his new single “Slice of a Pie” puts you in a trance as you escape down Houg’s highway. The visual for “Slice of a Pie,” directed by Sameh Wahba, “captures the essence of being a driver, living in a cloud of emotion, stress and dread.” All of the emotion in the video are felt through the lyrics, and sound. With each second, you become more and more invested in the people in the visual; it’s like Houg’s music teleports you into the backseat to join in on the ride. Check out Houg’s new visual for “Slice of a Pie,” and listen to the single via SoundCloud below.