Denitia Releases Refreshing New EP “Be There”

One of our favorite indie acts is back. Denitia has returned with a brand new EP called Be There. The EP  is a statement new release from Denitia on Styles Upon Styles, showcasing the breadth and versatility of the artist’s pop songwriting as she follows up her 2017 Ceilings EP with a breathtaking suite of four powerful new tracks that move from ballads to house to dancehall with ease.
We had the pleasure of hearing a few of these new tracks live. It’s great to hear them in their studio recorded form and hear all the beautiful textures and layers of each track. Denitia takes you on a journey with all four tracks.
The Be There EP will feature on the A side of a special vinyl edition of Denitia’s inimitable work on Styles Upon Styles, with the B side containing the 2017 Ceilings EP. The limited, hand-printed vinyl release and full Be There EP will be available in Fall/Winter 2018.
Listen to Denitia’s visual EP.