Introducing Cashwaveyboiz and their debut visual “Last Night”

We have something very special and fresh for you today. Music and Other Drugs would like to introduce you to Cashwaveyboiz. With the growing hip-hop scene in Montreal it comes as no surprise that more talent continues to flourish throughout. Cashwaveyboiz are that next talent that you don’t want to miss out on. They are not the most represented from Montreal, being there are not many Filipino-born Montrealers in the hip-hop scene. The Cashwaveyboiz play an extremely important role in the Montreal hip hop scene as they create a path for the 25,000 Filipinos in Montreal. Their community is very underrepresented not only in music, but in the media in general. Their presence in the scene opens the door to discussions about their journey by being Montrealers-Filipinos and the advantages and obstacles that it can create.


Photo Credit: Arnaud Jolois / Creative direction by Ashgrxphics & Miro LaFlaga

Hailing from Montreal, Cashwaveyboiz are not what you’d expect. Breaking the mould, the duo of Kenny Richmond and Franky Dinero redefine the textures of the trap sound we’re accustomed to. Exploring a diverse number of themes in their lyricism, their Filipino heritage offers an authentic perspective on growing up Canadian.

The duo blends elements from 90’s R&B and raw hip hop vocals, while mixing them with melodic beats. Being from the slums, as they would describe it, Cashwaveyboiz take pride in giving back to the city anyway they can. The duo aided in organizing a fund-raiser event for the youth center, L’Oasis des Enfants de Rosemont.


Photo Credit: Arnaud Jolois /Creative direction by Ashgrxphics & Miro LaFlaga


They have shared with us today their debut visual for the smooth banger track “Last Night” which samples one our favorite BANKS track “Brain”.The party themed visual fits the vibe of the song and you get exactly what you need from it. Check out their new visual and stay tuned for more from CahsWaveyBoiz right here at Music and Other Drugs.