BC Unidos Bring The Fun In ‘Bicycle’ Visual

Music & Other Drugs would like to introduce you to the brand new duo, BC Unidos all the way from Sweden. They have teamed up with Zimbabwean/Californian Shungudzo for the vocal feature, who helps bring the ‘Bicycle’ song to life. It gives us a huge Santigold vibe and the visual is bright and colorful and perfect for the song. Shungudzo described the track by saying:

“so many of us, a bicycle is just something we ride for fun or to work. But for many young and underprivileged people around the world, a bicycle represents freedom. While writing the song, I imagined I was a boy from a broken home who finally saved up enough money to buy a bike. I pictured how fast he rode, and how empowered he felt, finally able to explore a city that was once limited to only the people and places he could run to. In my mind, he kept riding, maybe forever, away from a black and white reality, into a colorful world of dreams, where he could be anyone and anything he imagined.”

This is the first track to be released off BC Unidos upcoming EP Bicycle, which features Charli XCX, Carly Rae Jepsen and Santigold. Watch the new visual above.