Alex Bent Has Next With His Debut EP Vanilla Blue and Video For “Gwen Stefani”

Music and Other Drugs would like to introduce you to Alex Bent. Alex is a Canadian singer-songwriter and producer currently making music under the pseudonym Alex Bent + the Emptiness.

We have featured Alex on our Freshly Baked playlist with his intoxicating track “Gwen Stefani”. The track is the third single from the Vanilla Blue EP. The single features additional vocals from Jack Larsen (Kevin Abstract collaborator) and production from Connor Barkhouse (Brockhampton affiliate), Riley Deacon and Bent himself.

The Vanilla Blue EP succeeds a series of free album releases from Bent and is his first full commercial release. With an album to follow next year, the EP gives insight into a new musical direction from the artist. With 7-tracks you get a full glimpse of the artist that Bent is and we have to say we are very much interested. Each song sounds different from the other and truly gives us something different from the norm.

Watch his new video for “Gwen Stefani” above and check out his EP below.